The DIWALI Deal...

When you start feeling unsatisfied and disappointed with the things you own, you must know that DIWALI is about to arrive! I say this because the only aim of newspaper and TV advertisements during this time of the year is to make you fed up with the stuff you thought was complimenting your home. When the first page of the newspaper in the morning screams "Does your AC make too much noise? Do you feel your AC is not working when its 45 degrees outside?", you suddenly realize that the answer to all these questions had been a yes since a year. The Ad agencies today work on this principle. The SALE tag outside shops and in print ads starts giving you a nausea after a few days to such an extent that your favorite past time becomes to calculate the difference between a "50+40%" and "90%" SALE.

What irks even more are the deals which surround you in a shopping mall like ghosts in a graveyard - "Buy 2 get 1 free" or some stupid and illogical ones like "Buy 2 kilograms of Meethi Sugar and get 3 bars of soap..."!!! Am I supposed to use the sugar after having a bath with those soaps!! I mean, what is the logic! At times, during my empathetic moments, I think what must be going on in the minds of poor salesmen. These docile and ever patient beings help Moms and daughters in their 'window' shopping, when they know that the probability of their buying something is 1/500. I feel, what these salesmen must really hate are the irritating kids like me who constantly force our Moms to leave early and pull them out of a showroom before they start trying one after another outfits.

But that is the magic of Diwali in cities like Jaipur that the whole city seems to be out on streets and when you plan to go for shopping you have to leave well 1 hour in advance. Meanwhile, I close with a little bit of information - when I looked up for the word "spree" in dictionary, only then I realized why is it used with shopping (as in 'shopping spree'). This was because its dictionary meaning clearly says "a wild activity". Oh yes.. For shopaholics (read: girls), shopping is no doubt the wildest activity, where it would have been better if 2-3 people were individually employed for holding bags, considering the amount of bags 6 hands can hold as compared to 2!

So, enjoy the Diwali deals which are overflowing like floods around you and get flown in the feel of this beautiful, colourful and bright festival... You never know, I might launch a "Get 1 Blog post free with every Blog post..." offer very soon... ;) :D


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