An 'Awwwsome' Condition

Aww - Response to a compliment; A sound made generally by Females when they come in contact with something they find very attractive.

Awwwwww - Pertaining to Aww, (You can add as many ‘W’ as you wish) the use of ‘W’ is directly proportional to the degree of attraction/pity/affection et al.

A frequently used word on social networks, ‘Aww’ has become a trend worldwide. If you don’t add the word to your comment or your response you are a cruel, callous, insensitive heartless fellow. The pronunciation of ‘aww’ is very similar to the noise that a pet dog creates when it is locked in a room for a long time/tempted by a bone or just trying to gain attention.

Some well-known uses of ‘Aww’ - 

  •          You post a picture of a new born baby. 8 out of 10 comments will begin with ‘Aww’.
  •          Post a picture with your pet or post picture of any pet or any animal alone. 10 out of 10 comments will begin with ‘Aww’. (P.S. - It is mandatory to go aww if you see any animal or else an animal rights campaign may get you arrested for being ungenerous to the poor creatures).
  •          When you do anything amusing for a girl (no matter if she likes it or not) she will always respond with an ‘Aww’ but DO NOT fall in the trap; She may not like you and may say it out of pity for you.
  •          A picture with family/boyfriend/best-friend cuddling, kissing or hugging is surely to make audience go ‘Aww’.
  •       The most dangerous of all 'Aww's is the one that Friendzones you. For example, when a guy tells a girl, "I like you more than a friend and I think we will hit it off". The girl may often reply, "Aww, but I have always considered you a friend". (The guy may later kill himself the same day)

I hear from my little birds that the International Dog Association is furiously working to get a patent of their ‘sound’.

“The current trend and over use of the sound is offensive. We invented it and they don’t even give us the credits!!”, says Tommy, the neighbourhood Dog.

Let’s not make them vulnerable. Help Tommy and his friends. Munch on a 5 star and replace “Aww” with an “Ummm” and visit

By: Apoorva Haritwal, a Guest Post for my blog [(awww :')] 


Arushi said...

Aww.. so funny! :P ... Help tommy and his friends is amazing.. :D

Nima Das said...


Nabanita said...

haha awwwwwwwwwww :D ... here's to the 'awwww condition' !!

shyam bansal said...

(Y), But what the logic behind promoting 5star's FB page ??

Sagar_insight said...

Its a blogging contest by cadbury in association with Indiblogger..

Jyotsna Bhatia said...

Awwww... this is so funny :P :P

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