Going Loud in a Crowd!

It is a challenge in itself to board a metro from Rajiv Chowk during the peak hours of evening. It is that time of the day when each one of us brings alive the Ravana inside us to get on the train, and doing all the possible pushing and pulling that it takes, almost molesting everybody around and paying a tribute to Mary Kom with our acts, we finally manage ourselves into the train.

One such day, when I was feeling like a victorious warrior on having entered into the train at the earliest, the guy who was sitting right next to me got a phone call. At a time when most of the people have earphones plugged in or are talking on phones, it was a normal phenomenon. But in a matter of few seconds, I realized that the guy was a loud talker or maybe he had a knack of talking loud and showing off! Suddenly his voice took a very serious tone while the sentence "Yeah, my iPhone 5s also had this thing" came almost about five times. I took a note of the fact that he actually did have an iPhone 5s and so his motto of showing off had accomplished as I couldn't help but feel irritated.

While his bragging about his phone took to new heights of gloating, I wondered why he didn't just fly back home on his phone. Suddenly, I realized that he was telling his girlfriend over the phone, about the new Rs. 20,000 shoes that he bought without any planning because he had 'liked' them in the first instance.  I mentally calculated that my net worth at that moment was not even 1/4th of the value of his shoes. He then moved on to discussing the trip to Paris last month where he had, had a drunken banter and done some "really wild" stuff. I couldn't help but manage a straight face somehow although now my interest had risen to a great height.

Most of his anecdotes started from "when I had got drunk" or "I spent Rs. ...". I assumed that he was either the CEO of Microsoft or had a superbly rich dad (where the chances of the latter definitely seemed to be much higher). His tales of 500 likes on his new Facebook photo to his next "supa kewl" wild party made him totally naked in front of me as far as his character was concerned. I am not one of those who judges anybody, and honestly I don't give a damn to how people manage their lives, but by the time my destination arrived (after what seemed to be the longest time ever), I got to know that he had an amazingly patient girlfriend and I had a badly aching forehead! Bless the braggarts! :\

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