The 'Bhaiya' Banter: The Guest Post

Youngsters of India face a lot of genuinely 'serious' problems and challenges in their everyday lives. From study pressure to the Facebook distress, life is truly a joy ride for them. In my new Guest Post on the widely read blog - Whitescape, our expert 'Bhaiya' tries to provide some straightforward (read: twisted) answers to some widespread problems of 'Youngistaan'.

An excerpt from the Guest Post goes here -

Champa, 20 years, New Delhi: There is a constant problem of paucity of funds and the cost of living, for a youngster like me is ever increasing in an urban city. I have to get my mobile recharged for talk-time, then there is the 3G data pack, then the message pack and that is just the mobile part. Moreover there is shopping to be done and hangouts to be managed. At an age like mine, what can I do?

Bhaiya: Hey Champa, doesn’t that sound like a perfect time to make a boyfriend?

Chikna, 22 years, Pune: Hey buddy, I have to buy a gift for my new girlfriend. I have to, like, totally impress her, but I cannot think of anything. Please suggest me something that will help me score with her; though I don’t want to spend much!

Bhaiya: You want to score with a girl and don’t want to spend. That must be the cheapest and most frugal line ever. Since times immemorial, occasions have been crafted and developed in a manner such that women can extract gifts from men with different excuses. When you buy a gift for a girl and it hurts your pocket, just try to look at it in a way that you are helping the economy by spending (and of course helping Archies/Hallmark to break-even). Nevertheless, for cheap gifts you can choose to gift her something really cheesy like a hand-drawn card or a self-made cheese sandwich. Such ideas always work, although you might not earn yourself a night with her, but definitely an ‘aww’ for now. All the best!

Meena, 17 years, Bhopal: It is truly horrifying to see the number of like on my Facebook pictures go down. The more depressing fact is that, my classmate Seema keeps getting more FB likes than me on every picture that she uploads. It is truly humiliating and very disappointing. Please help!

Bhaiya: It is the right time to upload a pouty selfie in front of the mirror with..................


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