The Warrior of the Modern Times

Last time I checked, every economy in the world divides the people as 'haves' and 'have-nots'. Its only today, that I came to know that my very own Rajasthan university also practices the same. With 'haves' being the one who can get their work done from the back door entry and some jack, and 'have-nots' being the ones that are described later in this post.
 Now it was one of those important and rare days when I had to visit Commerce College (oh yes, for all those kids and elders who thought I studied in ICAI, yes I study here too), University of Rajasthan.
Now most of the universities in the world might be following separated trends of handing out Admit cards for the year-end terms, but we have devised an absolutely fresh and path breaking system - often referred as "Gundaraj". How difficult can you imagine, be the task of collecting your admit card? As difficult as making a few clicks and getting it printed as in case of CS exams, or as difficult as signing in front of your name and getting it delivered through courier as in case of CA exams. But welcome to RU, where you pray and negotiate with God in the morning to bring you alive back to your home.

Maybe the whole concept has been designed in an attempt to make the students realize the importance of this mere piece of paper called Admit Card. I reached there holding my ID proof in my hand like a king. The window was closed while the students gathered around like bees. After a considerable delay of an hour, the window opened like the gates of heaven and students stood there waiting for the judgement moment. As soon as the window opened, students rushed towards it jumping and howling like wild animals. Soon enough I realized I had to be one of them to be able to "win" my admit card.

I loosened my leather belt and opened a few top buttons of my shirt and amassing all the strength and courage and taking the name of my God for one last time, I let myself in the huge swarm of people. Just like an anti-biotic that we swallow, the crowd swallowed me up. The system works pretty simple here, you just yourself in and the rest happens itself. People from all around pushed and squeezed me. I suddenly could not feel my own hands and feet. Just then I realized that the existence of ID card was in danger as it was slipping out of my fingers, I immediately clutched it with more energy and strength.

Somehow keeping the care for my own body parts aside, I pushed myself further in and realized I had reached the gates of heaven. I punched my hand inside the window and held out my ID proof. Few long and seemingly unbearable seconds passed, and my admit card was in my hands. But this was just the half journey. I realized I was stuck between oddly smelling and weirdly behaving students all around. My hands were stretched out in front of me, and I could just thank god that none of my body part itched at that moment.
Several people from behind thrust their own ID proofs in my stretched out hands requesting me to get their cards too, where the requests ranged from never-heard-before derogatory abuses to some addressing me as "bhaiya". I did the needful (as if I had any other choice) and tried pulling myself back.

Finally I could smell a little fresh air when I knew I was close to freedom and finally with a little jump, I came out alive. I patted my back to have survived the battle with a broken button, messed up hair, surprisingly bleeding little finger, aching knees, and half torn admit card, for which I was there and odd smell of sweat and toil. I almost felt molested, but gave out a sigh of relief to have achieved.

I would never feel such sense of self pride and achievement ever in life again - oh wait! I will... the next year... Ah! :(


doodlepower said...

hahahaha.. :P
well compiled :P
cud nt stop laughing ;)

Anonymous said...

good one,,short and smart :)

Anonymous said...

So how do girls get their admit cards??.

Pawas Jain said...

intriguing question... frst of all thank god, there are no girls in commerce college... even if they do drop by some time.. ppl r "human" enough to let them go ahead...

Pawas Jain said...

and may i know who doodlepower is..? in case identity needs to be concealed, i can always be contacted at :)

doodlepower said...

the whole point of using d name IS to conceal the identity pawas. ;)

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