The Official "Holi"Day... :)

So amidst the tension and stress of board exams and the end terms of thousands of other schools and colleges, here we are celebrating India's brightest and most colourful festival of "Holi". Since Holi has been famous for humour, pranks and playfulness, here I will take a small liberty and talk to students from different fields, streams and professions. But it should be kept in mind that I respect all professions alike and besides "Khoob bura  maano, Holi HAI!" :P

So here is wishing you a very happy, chromatic and splashy HOLI... :)
Here I go -

1. CA Students (My fellows) - Please stop being proud of yourselves as "office goers", frankly, you are nothing but underpaid clerks who put an inverted tick and scrambled signatures to show how cool they are.
2. Engineering Students - Yeah so you got through the toughest of competitive exams to get into colleges. But welcome to India, you are not going to be the next Mark Zuckerberg or Bill Gates. So keep aside your 'passion' and enter the race of GPAs.
3. Doctors - You are not going to be a doctor for the next 10 years, so just sit back and relax, while performing those hideous experiments on anthropomorphous. Meanwhile you can try to be cool by throwing some awful and disgusting sounding words every now and then to your friends.
4. B.Com (Hons.) - You probably did not have any other option in the Commerce stream, and your percentage wasn't good enough to get you Economics (Hons.)!
5. Economics/History/English etc. (Hons.) - Don't try to act creative just because you have an "Arts" in your degree. Probably the creators of streams just could not decide whether to put these subjects in commerce or in science.
6. MBA students - There is nothing as such to be "mastered" here. C'mon just admit, you either wanted to enjoy a college life or you wanted a hike in the salary with which you were not content.  
7. Lawyers - It is going to be a long wait before you can get to be those smartly dressed and intellectual looking lawyers they show in the movies. All that you can practice for now is a normal argument with your parents, even which, you are bound to be defeated at.
8. Architecture students - Its not cool to draw even a teddy bear using those huge scales and weird measurements.
9. CS students - Trust me, only the name "Companies Secretary" is fancy, nothing else is.
10. "Budding" Authors - Oh please, every trash fiction does not become a "five point someone". Lets be original... :)
11. B.Com (Pass.) - I cannot say anything against you. I salute you for the courage of taking up this course. Your future rests in the hands of God.
12. "Wanting-to-be" Teachers - I feel sorry for you... :D

(No hard feeling. I respect and love all professions and fields. HAVE A GREAT 'HOLI' DAY) 


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