Let me Paint a Picture Today...

Let me paint a picture for you,
Paint it real and paint it true.
Sketch it out from flesh and blood
Draw on the canvas- red soaked mud.
The tale of follies of the mankind
Of Good and Evil- all rewind.
Of War, politics and state affair,
Of men and women in despair.
Let me color it red, black and white
Color the gloom, terror and frightful sights.
O Look how the ink fades,
For it fears its own shades.
I paint a lady who desired throne for her womb
For which a warrior cast his own doom.
I color him black- the blind man born
His shades the kingdom mourned.
I color him pale- the desired king
Cursed to be deprived of love’s swing.
Among them I paint a princess-stolen, forsaken
Swore to take revenge;
Stood in a battle against the laws,
A fragile Eunuch became a death’s cause.
Another Princess- I paint red,
For she encountered five wedding beds.
Staked, shared, won and lost,
Honor disrobed- her anguish tossed.
I paint a mother- silent and blind,
Love for hundreds absorbed her mind.
 A stroke of white and pastel hues,
For a woman who feared the land’s abuse;
Restrained- Regretted- abandoned a son,
Did she fail or she won?
Painting this my fingers sore,
Still the canvas wishes for more
It sings to me- ‘You missed a slash,
A figure with flute-dark as ash’,
I paint him blue-gold and all colors bright
The only savior- the only light.
The player who conspired- won and lost,
On the dead canvas a divine crimson glossed.

The tale is one of sorrows and twist,
Of puppets locked on Fate’s wrist.
Many lives killed- many foul plays,
Men played war at blood-stained ways.

- A Guest Post By Apoorva Haritwal 


Shikha said...

This is brilliant.. An amazing perspective..

Amol mathur said...

Beautiful.. I read it and read it again a few times ..

Anonymous said...

What a beauty.. i am yet to read a better POETIC expression of Mahabharata

Srishti Daftary said...

A great poem.. Well done!

Kamalkant Batra said...

a very deep and expressive poem.. few lines r worth being remembered by heart,.. loved it!

Anonymous said...

Nishabd!!....koi daad hi na de paye ..usse badi daad kya hogi..God bless!

Neeraja A said...

Amazing! I am inspired...so beautifully written

Anonymous said...

Excellent. True picture.God bless you.

Neelam Jaipuria said...
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Neelam Jaipuria said...


Anonymous said...

Well written and nicely expressed
Mahabharat described in a very crisp yet poetic way

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