The Lonely Road

She looked for an auto around. The road was dark and it was already 10 pm. She knew she had to hurry as the national capital was not safe for girls at any time of the day. It was one of the poshest localities of New Delhi and she had just left the pub after a re-union party of her school girlfriends. She had no one to accompany her, she felt a little agitated. She could call her boyfriend but it did not make any sense to call him during his work hours, which continued till midnight.

She finally found an auto. The driver looked a little kooky, and eyed her from top to bottom almost scanning her. This was a usual happening in the city and she decided to ignore it like the rest of the girls. She had no other choice, but to take the auto. Her apartment was a 20 minutes drive from the pub and she wore a red off-shoulder dress. The driver continuously gaped at her from the rear view mirror. She felt uncomfortable and shifted in her seat, silently praying to God.

The driver took an unusual turn which was not supposed to be the correct route. She immediately became alert and asked him with strength and confidence in her voice, "Where are you turning?"
The driver gave an eerie laugh looking in the rear view mirror and took a sharp turn into a narrow deserted lane. She got scared out of her wits and her mind went numb. She immediately took out her mobile phone with an intention of calling any of her loved ones. She suddenly felt a thump and her mobile was snatched from her hands and thrown away into the darkness of the night.

What followed this was a nightmare. Loud shrieks escaping her mouth went unheard. It felt as every breath she took was taken on a loan. But, her soul remained intact, untouched. She was left abandoned in the middle of nowhere only to be find by a few rural ladies the next morning.

There was no God up there in the skies listening to her cries. People would accuse her of coming from a pub and being drunk - yes, she had had a few beers. Some would say it was her fault as she was wearing an off-shoulder. A few would go to the extent of blaming her of being provocative. The police would ask humiliating questions, trying their best to harass her. Political parties would try to gain mileage out of this. A few NGOs will try to popularize it, maybe with a good intention but no substantial result. Her parents would plead for justice, which would be delayed and might even be denied. This is India. A handicapped judicial system, a corrupt bureaucracy, a humiliating and useless police administration and a law which allows a juvenile to roam free after committing the most heinous crimes of all. This is India - A Land of no Gods!


Manoj Dosi said...

while we ape west , the mind sets have not changed ! we have exposure to wsetern culture but the ethos of Indian male 's mind remains same .
There is a need to educate /inculcate in children the correct attitudes towards females right from primary school , the laws need to be stringent in implementation ...But God help with Indian Police ...

Pawas Jain said...

Definitely! We need to develop as a nation, and it does not seem to be happening any time soon. The point you raised about the upbringing of children is the crux of the whole issue. I wrote some time back on exactly the same thing. Do give it a read :) -

Anonymous said...

Amazingly well written... :)

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