The Lost Monsoon

I looked across the platform. We stood opposite to each other separated by a few railway tracks amidst the wild hustle and bustle of the railway station. She was talking to a girl seeming to be in an animated discussion. In between her broken sentences, she laughed, smiled, rolled her eyes and pulled back her hair to tie into a knot. 

I stood alone observing her like a long lost treasure which had slipped out of my hands. I had longing in my eyes... My blank eyes. But the blankness was not special to me. Her smile was lacklustre too. Her laughter didn't have the same freedom. Her eyes were not rolling in the same naughtiness and her hair knot was neat and not messy.. Something was wrong with her as well! 

If it had been a hindi movie of my choice, I would have run off to her and hugged her tight and cried. But now things had changed. Circumstances defeated purpose, fate defeated will. After having felt that I was being taken for granted in a relationship, I had given up, feeling lost. 

I looked down and then around, trying to concentrate on anything but her. My heartbeats raced as I had seen her after two whole months. However, time is not a remedy to a broken heart, and it hurt more to see her laugh. 

While a million dots tried to connect in my mind, my eyes wandered back to, what seemed to be like their final destination. But to my bewilderment, she had vanished like a falling star! I looked around but could not spot her any more. The place where she had stood a few minutes ago in her light yellow t-shirt, was now occupied by a street vendor looking for a customer. 

I heaved a deep sigh of disappointment. Watching her from a distance was a treat for my senses. I kicked an empty bottle of water lying around on the railway tracks and turned around to walk away. 

"In a hurry to leave?" A voice that I could recognize even from a million mile distance called out behind me. I turned slowly trying to avoid a heart attack out of shock. 

"I thought we could share an auto back...", she said raising her eyebrows. "We need to discuss a few things over."

"Is there anything still left to discuss?" I asked, trying to make sense of her words.

"Yes.. Just one thing.. That i can't live without you. And I know, my ego is big, but no so tall so as to over shadow the strength of my love for you. Can you give me another chance?" 

Those words were the purest music to me. Suddenly, the first few drops of monsoon fell on my empty palms.  


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Beautiful... :) and heart warming

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