Getting Started...

Studying is never an arduous task for any of us. Oh yes, we are a hard working and laborious generation, after all! But what actually is backbreaking and difficult is a basic thing required for studying - STARTING it! I realized this basic human (read: student) tendency recently when it dawned upon me that I have my college end terms starting in first week of the next month. With only a few days left, I decided to study with all my dedication, or rather desperation, but all in vain!

There are few steps or stages in this process of getting started with books and notes. One of the primary and most important (or somewhat of a prerequisite) to this process is 'knowing the syllabus'. In case of college exams, you only get to know the syllabus, either when the exam is horribly close (like an hour away) or if your parents continue to pester you with nightmares of failing in the exams. Once you become cognizant of the syllabus, its like an electric shock for you. You suddenly run around like maniacs in search of books and brief(est) notes available around. Most of the people around me (including myself) rely on those amazing inventions of humankind called "one week series" in such situations.

Another step which everyone goes through before actually getting started with the process of studying is counting the chapters and number of pages in each. Sometimes it almost gives us a puking feeling to realize that the chapter we thought was the easiest is actually 85 pages in "brief" notes. We count the number of pages every time we sit down to study, and once we start reading a chapter, it is a common student practice to count the number of pages left in the chapter. It is only then that we come to know that we have read only 4 pages of the brobdingnagian chapter in last one hour.

The best time to study is an hour before exam while doing your daily morning chores in the bathroom. It is the time your mind works fastest and you grab most of the knowledge at once. We finally cut down chapters and topics into words and codes which help us remember them at the right time. Some of us, more resourceful and bright, also scribble down things on the back of our hands, pockets and some places which can only be seen in the bathroom to avoid an 'un'family atmosphere in the exam hall.

So I just hope for myself, that I get over with this hard and seemingly impossible task of "Getting Started", else I will have to rely on the morning bathroom hours for the best results...


VinilAwtani said...

Loved the one-week series part. Exactly what I wanted. :D

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