The Reverse Gear...

The year has reached its dusk. As we stand here and look behind at the events that took place, we feel nothing but dejected. If there could ever be a crestfallen period for the country, it is now! We are in an alarming situation where we cannot do anything but weep. Yes, we can leave the country and go abroad in search of 'better opportunities', but then that would be running away from the situation, although we can hardly help.

I say that we cannot help, because for sure, we, as normal citizens, cannot hang Ajmal Kasam, we cannot pass the Lokpal bill, we cannot bring the Retail FDI in the country, we can hardly improve the condition of females in this nation, we can never punish the wrong doing politicians at our will... we are pretty helpless in a country, where our roles end the moment we cast our votes. The 'vote bank' politics has lead our country into a crisis where we are although not in recession or depression but definitely a major REGRESSION... Since independence we have been on a path of self destruction where we have no one else to blame.

For the votes of farmers and rural population, the demands and needs of the normal urban youth and families has constantly been ignored - we have to continue consuming the adulterated kirana material even if we want to purchase the up market products. For the votes of minorities, again, the innocent rest-of-population is forced to face dejection in examinations and employment opportunities. For the vote bank of religious groups, we have constantly been living under the illusion of "secularism", where the politicians themselves create a row and again themselves settle it on the account of being secular.
The deteriorating condition of females is still like that bad patch of itching on your body - you know its there, but you don't want to talk about it. Neither they are respected for what they are and nor are their contributions highlighted. They is a major portion of households where still women are treated as a to-be-kept-aside home object. This is absolutely depressing, for until and unless we keep turning a blind eye to this, we will never be a prosperous country - and all that we are left to boast about is a hideous-to-look-at 933 sex ratio.

The few of the above things are just a mug out of the ocean of problems and crisis we are currently facing. We are concerned at heart but we actually can't do anything but suffer. We are a bunch of hard working corporate youngsters and we can hardly collect on streets and shout slogans on each one of those issues. The only thing which we can do, the only thing which is still in our hands, is to talk about it as much as we can - spread it, share it, write about it and bring these issues up every time we get a chance... however even that right is going to be snatched away from us by the censorship on social media, very soon. Ah! we are definitely going through a rough patch of circumstances.



doodlepower said...

the best thing i have ever read from you! i agree with each thought!

KayEm said...

It is way too much for each individual to handle. Very depressing. At the same time how can we give up? What Indians can do is simply take up one cause and find at least one hour a week to address it. Get together with other like minded people from your neighbourhood; write to the person in charge in your area (municipality or politician); ask this person what they plan to do about it before the elections; collect signatures from other like minded people and hand deliver the letter after publishing it on your blog; let us know their reply/no reply/action/inaction. Their action would deserve recognition from us - publish that too.

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