The Slap Song...

A few things recently gained a lot of publicity and created a lot of brouhaha in India. One, of course, the 'karara chaanta', I mean, the hard-hitting, quite-satisfying slap, that Sharad Pawar received, and other, without a doubt, Why This Kolaveri Di... :) 
Slapping and hitting of politicians has been a common phenomenon that we have witnessed in last few years. From George Bush, to Sharad Pawar now, they all have been thrashed by public. The public anger has to come out any way, and I am sorry, but the Gandhi days are a thing of the past now. Though, of course there are hypocrites who claim to be raising their voice in the Gandhian manner, and ask their supporters to be non violent and YET, make fun and enjoy the slapping of Sharad Pawar. I know its satisfying, but what's with the double standards?

As the saying may change to "A slap a day, keeps inflation away", I really feel, that if the common man of India is continuously harassed by the politicians, as is happening, we might be witnessing more 'slapping' in the near future. I wish we could get Harvinder Singh's email id, and could forward him a list of all politicians we would like to see being slapped. 
With all the videos of "THE SLAP" being circulated across the internet and media, I am sure Sharad Pawar must be having the song "Why this Kolaveri Di", on a loop these days... ;) 


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