The Last 'Free' Post

Central Government has finally given a nod to the prosecution of 21 social networks of India recently. These networks include Facebook, Google, Orkut, Youtube, Blogspot, Yahoo and many others. These are the names of those websites which have taken a place in our bookmarks or 'most viewed' sites now. These are the websites which have enabled the youth across the nation, and even global, to come together and discuss the matters which were earlier untouched. They have given a platform to the users to vent out their anger on the government and its working, in a 'free' environment without any hassles.

Today, when the government's decision comes, it seems they had been like a lazy hibernating polar bear for the last 3-4 years in which these sites have gone viral. Such messages and hatred discussions had been published since times immemorial. So no marks for guessing why the government did it now... simply because now that the government has been taking some really foolish steps, the anti-government material on the net as also gone up! Shahrukh Khan, Salmaan Khan, Amitabh Bachchan and many other national, multi-national stars have been criticized, abused, mocked at on the internet for so many years now, but none of them created a hullabaloo about banning them altogether! But maybe the government was never too mature or do we say it is too 'old' to understand our views. It has almost been the policy of the ruling parties in India to ignore the needs and views of the urban youth anyways.

Delhi High Court happily gave an example of China like blockage on websites. Tell me one thing, I don't really believe this, are we REALLY following China? Then why is there so much of unemployment all around? why haven't our industries been flourishing in mass production? why is there such a shortage of local goods in our markets? why is there so much of inflation and price rise? Learn something good from China if you really want to... huh!

I don't know (and i dread to think) if such a ban will really be imposed... And if we have followed China in prosecution of social networks, we might soon be following Pakistan in ban of the usage of several words on text messaging. This might be my last post as a free man, because soon we will be watched over by the authorities. I dread to think of such a terrible time for my country... we are in  a mode of regression!


doodlepower said...

this is the saddest thing that could happen. the government's turned into this organization of people who only care for the seat and chair and the party. next thing we know, we might be a monarchy or a dictatorship. gee.

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