Let's Take a Fresh Start...

Things have not really looked good in the last few weeks. Politically, economically, financially... in every sense, our country, our fellow citizens have faced hardships. With deaf authorities and mute spectators, we haven't really got a chance to do anything substantial. However, now its a New Year, a brand new time wheel is going to roll and we all have an opportunity to bring a change. A Change in ourselves, a change in our mindsets, a change in how we look around.

However, a laugh is always appreciated! Enter the new year of 2-0-1-3 with a big smile on your face and hope swelling in your hearts. Here is what you could do this year (and probably not do) -

1. Pledge to be a Human - This is for all males who don't miss out on an opportunity to treat women below them, subsidiary to themselves and to torture them in every possible mental and physical manner. It is actually the time you could stop doing it. Be a human, and prior to that, Be a MAN.

2. Procrastinate More - It is always good to start doing new things from tomorrow. So come back to my blog tomorrow, read the rest of the post tomorrow, and take your New Year Resolution on Ney Year 2014.

3. Don't jump off the cliff because everyone did - This is a personal advice. Especially for start-up ventures. Be original. Please! Yes, originality means a lot of risk taking, but then the more the risk, the higher the profits. Dare to do something new, even if people laugh it off. Because if they don't, then probably your idea isn't new! :D

4. Don't LOL - If you hear something super funny... even if its so funny that it made you fall off your chair and roll over the floor or made the water come out through your nose, even then...Please don't LOL. A 'Hahaha' is still more appreciated.

5. Back-up - Once in a while... err.. Once in a year... or please at least ONCE, back up your hard drive. Its not cool to lose all your stuff in a jiffy of technical snag. Ouch, it hurts!

6. Fall in Love and make someone fall in love with you - Its more of my wish for everyone rather than an advice. May someone fall in love with your faults, is blind to your blemishes and tells the world about your fortitude. Be sensible in love.

7. Be happy with what you have - Sometimes the lights might not work, water faucets may not work, a bulb might flicker, you might miss a bus... But that is not the end of the world (neither was 21st December 2012), so stop freaking out, be thankful for the life you have and dare to change your life and live on your own terms. There is much more destitution in world than low speed internet.

8. Delight yourself with yourself - Make a fact clear in your mind - you are beautiful. Delight yourself with what you see in the mirror and delight others with what they see in you. Be confident. Be Optimistic. A great saying goes "Pessimism leads to weakness, Optimism leads to POWER".

9. Say 'I Love You' - This is very important. Express yourself and say the three powerful magical words to your parents, your family, your best friends and everyone who means a lot. Do not miss that chance ever. Umm.. But this does not apply to your secretary, your neighbour, the girl at your coaching, or your gym instructor.

10. Go Offline - Once in a while, do your offline chores too as there is quite a lot of world beyond this laptop screen and beyond the Google Chrome window. :)

Be Crazy, Make Mistakes, Fall in Love, Be Clumsy, Take Risks... This Age is not going to come back! Wishing a Happy 2013 for everyone... :)


Jay Singh said...

Hi Pawas,

Good list. I believe in the first point very strongly. That's what is needed from the people of societies all over the world, especially India.

Happy New Year 2013 Pawas. :)


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Anonymous said...

amazing.. :) ... super cool list and i agree to every point..

Anonymous said...

Going Offline = Unable to read the blog. Bad one! Don't want to miss it, for sure! ;)

Nisha Sharma said...

amazing compilation... I laughed out lout at many places... :)

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