A Voice from the Heaven...

He was a few minutes new in the world. Cuddled beside his mother, he was grasping the maximum he could with his button eyes. He was surrounded with equipments, machines and tools. Everyone around seemed to be happy on his arrival. Suddenly an unfamiliar hand picked him up. At once he was troubled at being taken away from his mother's arms, but the next instant he realized that the touch of the lady who had picked him up, was very soft. Tender. Loving. He looked up into her gleaming eyes. She was elderly, but vibrant. In his subconscious he knew that she was someone who loved him beyond all limits. She loaded him with blessings.

He was 2 years old now. He could run around, talk in broken sentences and understand things. The same lady often visited him at his place or his mother took him to her's. His mother told him that the lady was his "grand mother". She always fed him the most delicious items, doted him and concentrated all her single minded attention to his activities. She was very active and took him in her arms with the same exuberance every time. Her face was filled with joviality on meeting him. As usual, she loaded him with blessings of being successful and being happy. He loved it.

He was 5 years old now. He used to go to school and was learning new stuff about the world every day. The grandmother still used to love him like anything. She used to listen to his useless and meaningless blabbering about school for hours. He ran around the house wanting her to catch him and cuddle him. She knew all his favourite food items and used to prepare all of them with excitement and the same activeness  whenever he used to visit. She showered her blessings on him while he ate all the time.

He was 15 now. Teenage was at its peak. Now he used to spend less time with relatives and more time at school or friends. But quite often her met his grandmother and loved to sit with her or talk to her. Now she was old. Her brightness was fading and she looked tired. But seeing him always brought back her vivacity and love. Without a fail, she used to ask him about his meals and his well being all the time. She pampered her to the extent that his mother feared that she would spoil him. He loved it immensely. She still loaded him with blessings each and every time.

He was 20. His grandmother was now frail. She was exhausted and low. But her positivity was still shining like a young girl. She couldn't walk around much, but still had the same enthusiasm of cooking for him. Her visits to doctors and hospitals increased and due to his busy schedule and coaching, their meetings decreased. But despite that, he missed no chance of visiting her in the hospital or at her place. Her face still glowed with happiness and pride when she met him. She blessed him in a single breath.

Few months later. She passed away leaving behind the glory of her life and an era of selfless love and sacrifice. The thread that held the beads of relationships together was now broken. She lay still, lifeless and silent in a peaceful sleep. He looked at her with agony and tears. She was gone for good. But he knew, from wherever she was, she was showering him with endless love and blessings for a lifetime.

(This post is for my grandmother whom I lost very recently. This post is with a sincere hope that she is now settled in a world much much better than this one.)


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