The Love that goes into the Further

They were alone, in a dark room, a place unknown, unexplored for both of them. The place had no luxuries, no comforts, no materialistic pleasures, and it would not be an exaggeration to say that the place was raw.

They remained in each other's arms and this mere presence meant everything. The fact was that the world was against their love, socially, culturally, morally and in every possible sense. But such is love, that after a point of time, you stop caring of the worldly affairs and just want to feel the love in each other. You start finding the world in the other person.

They walked hand in hand across the open fields and felt the soft breeze brush past them. The freshness of the air was a surprise. They took deep satisfied breaths every few seconds. Away from everybody they were together. It was a celebration of the very feeling of love. His hands felt strong and firm as they held hands more tightly and reassuringly.

The dawn of realization was sudden, but peaceful, nevertheless. Life after death, could be amazing. Heaven could be a better place to live than Earth. 


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