3 Years of LOUD SILENCE...

3 years back on the evening of a hot and sunny Sunday, I launched my poetry collection LOUD SILENCE, in a small but personal event with close friends and family. It has been 3 long years and a journey which has been special every second. Lot has happened in last three years and lot has changed too. "Loud silence" was a collection of my feelings, my expressions when i was young, a bit immature and a bit whimsical. But life is not a piece of cake, if it presents you with offers and achievements, there are also times when it is a total wreck and gives a feeling of a sinking ship.

After the launch of my first poetry collection, i came across even more riveting, enthralling and defining moments of life. Out of a usual proclivity more than just a habit, i penned them down as poems too. And as a self-judgement i find them better and more abstruse than the previously published ones. Life always has something to teach you, and so there is always a scope of improvement. But one thing that hurts me somewhere in the corner of my heart, or rather pinches me, is the fact that as we are moving deeper into the 21st century, we are losing the insight to understand feelings. As a matter of fact, I know, that my poetry collection "Loud silence", would be kept in most of the houses in a corner, accumulating dust over the years...

But, anyways In the end i would like to thank all those people who recognized my work and appreciated it. I have received over 50 e-mails and numerous calls over the years, of known and unknown people to whom my work has reached and affected. It feels good when you get appreciated and it encourages you to write more and write better too... I aim at improving and constantly thriving towards perfection. however, support of the close ones is always necessary. thanks for making my maiden attempt successful!. I am grateful to one and all... :) :)

Adios! ... :) 


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