Everyone wants to read about Love, that is actually the topic that interests people, i have realized. On my previous blog, till the time I wrote sensible things, the views remained maximum upto 25-30, but when i wrote things like love, relationships, romantic songs, the views jacked up to 50-60. So here I once again attempt to write something on the brobdingnagian subject. This time I have tried to delve deeper into the topic about What actually is love?
Though philosophers, psycologists, experts, poets et aliae have tried to define love in more ways than one. Whether it is a relationship, it is friendship, it is something platonic, spiritual, religious or a mere feeling, this I fail to discern, but one thing I can say is that Love is the eternal truth of Mankind. And definitely, saying that Love is the reason of our existence, is not a hyperbole.

What did William Shakespeare mean, when he said, "Love all, trust few and do wrong to none..." My point is the same! Since ages people have wrongly confused love with girlfriend/boyfriend. The fact is that a mother loves a child unconditionally and no love can parallel that feeling or emotion. Sufism concept of love has also been a matter of my engorssment. Sufis have always associated love with God, which is another form of pure feeling. Psycology potrays love as a cognitive phenomenon with social cause having three components: Intimacy, Commitment and Passion. However, ancient philopohers, scholars and poets have always agreed one a common point that Love is nothing but Tolerance. I have observed that Love has remained the favorite topic of painters, sculptors, authors and poets. Is it because of the wide scope and extent of Love, or just because "Love" is a topic of people's interest? There is a whole book by the name "The general theory of Love", which explains the topic into great details!!! My point is that a single blog post is too small and bantum to define and explain love. 

People often ask me, how to make someone "fall" in love with you? There are two fundamental problems in that question. One, which is very obvious is that no one "falls" in love. Love is not a pit. One rises in Love, as i feel. Secondly, no one can be "made" to love. Love happens naturally. It is not an exact science based on fixed principles and truths. On the contrary, love is an absolutely tenebrous, fuzzy and amorphous emotion. It is as impromptu as it can be. Therefore, one piece of advice as i close (for those, who felt this article was vexing and schlocky) - Be together, share your joy and sorrow, understand each other, provide space to each other and surely Love will blossom to strengthen your relationship... :)

Adios! :)


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Good post though the topic is really hard to define in a crystal clear way

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