Ye Result Kyu Aata Hai... ?

2 Days before my 12th Board results were to be announced, I had a dream. I was in a dark cave, amidst hideous and hungry crocodiles. Suddenly, a dark woman appeared in front of me with deadly black teeth, messed up hairs which looked like jute ropes, horrendous red eyes with blood in them... She started hitting me with a hunter! I was screaming in pain. There were sounds of mourns and growls around me and I continued screaming in agony. Snakes were now crawling up my legs towards me, I knew those were my very last moments on the face of the Earth... I asked her a last question out of curiosity, "Who the hell are you?"
She gave a plain laugh, the ones which gives you goosebumps. She stared into my eyes and spoke in a whisper, "I am.... RESULT....bwahahahaha!!!!..."

I woke up panting like a dog. I looked around me to examine my surroundings. I took a sigh of relief on seeing the familiar coziness of my room and the usual mess of clothes and books. I got up rubbing my eyes with laziness and realized that the my board result was just 2 days away.
Luckily, I scored pretty decent at that time, but I realized something... No matter how old are you or no matter how insignificant the exam is or no matter how well you think you have done, when the last week before your results are to be announced, starts, you feel a weird sensation in your body. The normal processes of digestion, urination or even more basic ones like thinking, are naturally disrupted.

Every time someones asks you, "Heya... when is the result coming out?", having a feeling of hitting them straight on the nose, is very common and perfectly normal. Every time someone mentions the date of your result in some other context also, you feel like puking or peeing. Its all normal! We have a common tendency of exploiting all the 330 million deities of India, and we suddenly gain respect towards all the religions... we start regretting over all the mischief we did in the past and start apologizing to God for putting a bomb under the teacher's chair when we were in X standard!!
Also, the period between giving the examinations and the announcement of results is something we take as our birthright to enjoy. We do all sorts of crazy and kooky things and then all of a sudden we start regretting! However, as soon as the exams are over, we never look back at how we did or we never try to evaluate ourselves. The authorities keep screaming at the top of their voices that the suggested answers have been issued but we keep a considerable and safe distance from such 'useless' notices! But, only when the week before the result starts, we take a look at those answers with great anticipation and fear, by which time we have forgotten all the answers that we actually wrote! And it is this time, when we start repenting on our wisecracks that we made during the exams like, defining 'syntax' as the tax paid by sinners!!!

Anyways, So here I sit on my chair in front of my laptop waiting for the "Khooni Manzar", as has been rightly put by an Event on Facebook... 'God' Save me... :) :D


Manuhaar said...

you are actually pagalpawas :P

aki said...
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Aanchal Modani said...

you have truly depicted every student's pain and agony!
very well done!

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