The Ultimate Uproar

Not more than 5 percent of the Indian Population knew about Anna Hazare before the "India Against Corruption" Movement... but now, there are not even 5 percent people who don't know him. From the very civilized sophisticated youth to the retired old civilians, everyone has become a part of this massive uproar taking place across the nation. In fact, people now almost give out a sigh of sympathy and support even when photos of Anna Hazare with a little 3 year old girl are flashed on the national news. Was it a desire to raise a voice, curbed somewhere inside the people of India which came out through this movement, or is it just the anger against corruption that is now erupting like a volcano?

When I watch the news, I actually realize that most of the people joining the movement just want to get rid of the corruption, they do not even know what basically Lokpal Bill is... This means that people are against the government, fair enough? But then, if we have single look at the Lokpal bill proposed by Anna Hazare, the fact shines like a diamond that it is absolutely impractical and too perfect to be implemented in a vast country like ours. Anna Hazare has definitely become the hero of the people of India, and soon he might even be termed as the Father of the New Nation, but we still have a long way to go before we get rid of corruption. Mere implementation of an Act or a law will not eradicate this age old problem of our country, after all how many laws do we actually care about? The real change has to come about in our own minds and in our own acts. Anna Hazare is no doubt a great activist and an honest person, in fact the work he did in his village Ralegan Sidhi was not only commendable but truly great. But we need to have a look at the realities too...

To conclude, I am against corruption too, but let us start the change from our own mindsets. Let us not depend on a particular law for this mammoth task. And as far as Anna's fasting is concerned, May he live long and may he earn even more media footage (after all, even SRK never appeared on TV for 24X7)... I just fear that the next child born in India might come out screaming, "ANNA TUM SANGARSH KARO... HUM TUMHARE SAATH HAI..." ;)

Adios! :)

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