A Drive Back Home.... In India :)

It was close to 7, the other day when I left my office in the evening. The evening breeze was unusually cool and the weather was pleasant as per Jaipur standards (for all those who have never been to Jaipur - Cool evening breeze here is like a cuddly toy of Saddam Hussein). I felt elated as it meant a great two wheeler drive back home. I happily boarded my vehicle and left for my home. The first turn brought me to a main road, which was too small and dingy for the traffic which had ended up here. The huge buses had decided to take a stroll in these congested lanes of the city, which unfortunately threw me in a corner of the road, like a domestic servant at the time of a party in the house. Suddenly, due to my (as well as the government's) benightedness my foot landed, in a heap of garbage which had been gracefully thrown on the open road. It was a mix of banana coverings, mango guthlis, and loads of other tits-bits, which had turned black and smelly due to constant ignorance.

Having been a very optimistic person, I regained quickly and continued my journey trying to get out of the lane as quick as possible. Little did I know, that a few seconds later, in an attempt to maintain my balance on the bouncy road, my other, the only clean foot now, would land up in a muddy puddle. My foot was now totally covered with mud as high as my socks went. I felt bad, but still maintained my composure. I continued and finally moved to an open and much better road. I sped up happily, when I realized that something terrible had happened. A few people had collected in the corner and were silently watching something. On staring and   sneaking, I found that an accident had taken place. A young man was lying unconscious. The people were creating a havoc around, and discussing the pros and cons of an accident. Nobody realized that the man was profusely bleeding from the cheeks. I don't know how but  a fight had also erupted between two men there, who were shouting abuses in the middle of the road at the rate of 2 per second, in some local language, which I failed to register. Like hundreds of other Indians, I moved on.

A few minutes later, I halted on a traffic signal. The cow which was standing right beside me (also following the signal of red obediently), suddenly decided to defecate. I felt inferior thinking about the freedom which the cows have as compared to humans in our country but I let the thought pass and moved my vehicle a few paces forward.
A traffic jam ahead, due to the sudden decision of elephants to cross the road, made me impatient. The pollution from buses, the honking of the drivers and the lethargy of the cyclists, in absence of any kind of 'lane driving' got on my nerves. Anyways, we follow 'lane driving, insane driving', so I was not new to any of these. Still, I remained calm and bucolic. As I took the final turn, toward my home, I sped up in an attempt to reach 'Home sweet Home' as fast as I could. But suddenly a series of potholes came which shook up all my insides and completely digested the samosa that I had gorged a few hours back in an instant. I felt as if my stomach had jumped up to my throat. I felt a snag in my vehicle and slightly turned my head to have a look at the rear tyre while driving. Another pothole - And my spectacles came loose and fell on the road. A car which had been following me, instantly crushed my red coloured specs, which breathed their last that very second. (R.I.P - specs).

I entered my home with one foot smelling and other foot completely covered in mud, lost spectacles, coughing  wildly and with my eyes paining due to pollution. I announced my return to my mother, as her warrior son was back. Not because I had a tiring 9 hour work at office, but because I had an exhausting 25 minutes drive. I stood in my balcony, now feeling the cool breeze and just then the first few drops of rain fell on my forehead! I realized that it was all usual and as normal as it could be.

Its best to enjoy the weather at home... Adios! :)    


Arcchit Jain said...

This one's hilarious.....afsoos for you Pawas Jain, if that actually happened(in UNION) with you.....:-p

Anonymous said...

kya hai bahut comedy soojhti hai tujhe.....chup chap ghar aa jaaya kar ...har jagah comedy ....bas office pe meherbaani rakhiyo......mamta jain

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