The Bath with Daily 'Soaps'...

SCENE 1 - 11 year old Yash enters his house without ringing the bell and goes straight to his mother. His mother, has the lunch ready for him as he rarely eats his tiffin in school and usually returns hungry and famished. But today, he seems quiet than usual. He does not scream on top of his voice for food and does not start recounting his school incidents to his mom like every day. His mom enters his room, where he is serenely seated on his bed. She observes him and realizes that he has a bleeding thumb which is hurting him. She immediately rushes to the other room and arranges the best first aid she can. She pampers him more than he actually needs. She sits with him and feeds him with her own loving and motherly hands... Yash is happy... and immediately cured.

SCENE 2 - (5 years later) - Yash is 16 years of age now and like other weekdays enters his house. The things have changed. His mother no longer has the lunch ready for her because she has her favorite daily soaps lined up back to back till 3 pm. She asks him to wait for some time or take everything himself from the kitchen and eat. He does not eat. He straight away walks away and gets locked up in the confines of his room... he starts crying his heart out. Not because his mother ignored him (that has been a daily instance for some years now), but because today he is facing a difficult teen problem and is going through a great dilemma of his life. He is in depression and wants to share things with someone close and personal. His friends are of the same age and therefore, as immature as him, he knows that...Time passes by and by the end of next three days, Yash learns to live like this... Yash is sad.

These two situations are a very basic and underlying problem we are going to face (or we already are?) due to the daily soaps being aired on television. Today, mothers are more interested in the tears of the protagonist's sister's sister-in-law because her husband is in love with her brother's wife. They do not care if there little kids are lying unattended in the cot next to them. The illness of the protagonist's mother-in-law's sister's husband might be of a greater concern than the illness of her own daughter crying in the next room. This has become a chronic problem of the over-emotional and highly impractical population of our country. And the main problem - the serial directors realize this fact. They have content not even worth of a single minute's attention which astonishingly continues for five years. Most of the women watch the episodes daily and more regularly than they would bathe or eat, and also abuse the directors for creating such an asinine episode, thus creating a juxtaposing situation.

I have no solutions to present on this, nor do I have any liniment of this perennial disease that a large chunk of our intelligent and bright population has been affected by. Anyways, I just wish and hope that some sense is infused in the creators and promoters (read: viewers), of such daily soaps, to stop creating such utter piece of ****, and switch to some better and more perspicacious content on television and please let the family system and family love of India intact.

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Nidhi Agrawal said...

Agreed...!! a true picture of most of the homes... !!!

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