The Examination Catastrophe

Many of my esteemed readers might have experienced, what they call, the "stress interviews" or "stress examinations". But only my fellows from Rajasthan University who have for once in their lifetime sat through a University exam, would vouch for me here - even the Roadies interview would seem to be a cakewalk as compared to the conditions of RU exams. The moment you enter the examination hall, there is an eerie early morning darkness, with a few light bulbs flickering away in corners trying to shine from behind the spider webs. On asking for the tubelights to be switched on, the invigilator first looks at you as if you have woken up a sleeping dragon and then you get a reply that the tube lights are not working.

You might be lucky enough to be giving an exam in the Winter season, because if you, by any chance, have happened to collide with Commerce college in summers then you might as well carry a few bottles of nimbu paani or something. First of all, the fans here work at a speed of 1 revolution per 10 minutes, besides the structure of the classroom and the premises is such that the whistling loo blows through the classroom along with the swirling dust which gives the complete feel of being in a desert. Moreover, you must carry a napkin or if possible, a broom and mop itself because you would need to clean your chair, table and your surroundings off the dirt collected due to the complete ignorance of their existence.

If you happen to get a seat near the four corners of a hall, beside the window or close to the door of the class, then truly I pity you. For sure, at these places you will have a tete-a-tete with a lizard, which will invariably appear from the switchboards, behind the window panes, or the doors. It will gawk at you throughout the exam and might even decide to fall in the middle of your answer sheet. At these tabooed places of the exam room, you might also find bird nests under your chair, pigeon poop on your table, sparrow feathers all around your seat, old pen caps, battered calculators, old unusable and rendered furniture pieces, stinking paan stains, and almost fossilized gutkha packets. There might also be itchy encounters with mosquitoes who will be deeply interested in your feet, if you happened to sport slippers considering the latest fashion. So socks with shoes is definitely a must.

If, like me, you did happen to survive those deadly hours with marwari speaking friendly teachers, and have happened to smile once through this article, then pat your back, my friend! Congratulations... You are a true Roadie! :D :)


Mamta said...

beta tune sahi khaka kheencha hai ....word to word is true ......i wish THE VC of raj univ reads this ..atleast it will tickle his sense of humour...coz we know he is UNABLE to do anything about it

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