The Lost Respect...

The Indian social structure has a wide gap as the rich are getting richer and the poor, unfortunately, poorer. I don't want to talk about the economic reasons and financial analysis to track down the reasons of such differences. What is want to talk about is the basic generic problem with the people of our country... We do not respect people. We have, basically, lost the respect of professions and labour. This is the major difference between India and other countries, say, USA. Equality of labour is something lacking in our nation. We do not understand the very obvious fact that everyone works hard and everyone works to earn for themselves and their families. 

You must be confused that what all I am talking about and why? Say for example, how many times have you gone to a restaurant and seen your uncles and relatives talk to the waiters with disrespect and flippancy. We cannot wait for 5 minutes if the service is proving to be a little slow, our next step is to abuse - straight! And the reason? Because we are paying, so we have to be the dominant side. We are literally throwing money in their faces, and therefore the staff, the waiters, everyone should wash our feet! Crap! 

May its my curbed anger inside, maybe this is evident only in some part of the country more than others, but the underlying message is we, as a nation, need to develop ourselves... we need to develop our minds and broaden our mindsets and thinking capacities. I feel proud and hopeful in a sense, that such crude behaviour is less evident in our younger generation. We work hard ourselves and we have gone through our struggles, and we know what it means to respect others. 

There is an urgent need to change our attitude towards people, and respect all professions alike. The day we start doing it and learn to show some "courtesy", we will be a much better nation!


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