The Lost Moments...

Its a hot sunny Jaipur morning, when you get drenched in sweat in the time period of leaving your home and reaching your car. Dressed in pretty formal clothes and feeling proud of myself after having looked in the mirror a considerable number of times, I sit in my car and turn on the radio. I drive through an irritating and noisy morning traffic. Suddenly, the sun hides behind the clouds and the weather takes a sharp turn giving me the feeling of the equator. I smile to myself and drive happily humming the song being played on the radio station. The radio station decides to play a fairly old, but superbly famous song on friendship "Yaaron dosti, badi hi haseen hai...". I immediately get nostalgic and get lost in memories of the better times when I was in school. I miss my closest friends with whom I had spent some of the greatest moments ever. Unfortunately or fortunately, I pass by a city's popular hangout joint which had been our favourite spot since years. I see a group of boisterous teenagers standing outside the cafe-lounge, like we used to stand a few years back feeling like the tigers of the den.

I suddenly realize the changes that have come about in life. Ironically, the formal clothes I am wearing denote a lot of changes to me. It occurs to me that my friends have been in the city since 10 days already and we haven't got a chance to meet... each one of us is now busy with interns, office, training and other usual worldly affairs. The days are now gone... when we used to meet for hours every single day, and used to loiter around the city aimlessly with no particular destination... when we went to our favourite (and cheapest) hang out joint on a daily basis and when we would laugh for hours on silly jokes and petty matters... when we would go out for unplanned night outs and disorganized parties. The invisible strands of routine struggles of life have already caught hold of us and we have totally forgotten about the better half of life. I feel guilty and sad at the same time and wish I could go back in time... but that would be a negative approach to things... life moves on and so do we. The point is we have to manage our lives in such a way that we can take out time for things that really matter.

After hundreds of promises to meet regularly on the last day of school and millions of plans that got cancelled because of one or the other group mate, I walk down the memory lanes and realize that time cannot be reversed but what can be done is to bring back the old charm in the new life. We should live every moment and every day with a single aim of creating memories, because as a famous author said, "Its not the days in your life that you will remember, its the memories..."

The song being played ended in 4 minutes and 33 seconds and I reached my office for a new day... but with a promise to create new memories in the remaining days of summer... :)


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