Getting beaten by the Heat...

Yes, its Summers... the "famous" hot summers of North India... when you wake up drenched in sweat in the morning and go to bed at midnight in the same condition. It does not matter how much Air conditioners you have, but there will be a moment when you will have to leave the comforts of that amazing zone and come out and face the heat. When the temperature is soaring at 44-45 degrees throughout the day and a boiling hot "loo" blowing from morning to evening, you don't feel very upbeat. Worse in such cases is to stand in queues anywhere... with people stinking around you and with sweat dripping from the corners of your forehead and the back of your ears slowly and gradually.

The heat becomes worse when you have to travel on a two wheeler... your head experiences a kind of suffocation in the helmet and hot wind hits you straight in the face. During the afternoon, the empty roads  give you a feeling of post-apocalyptic world and you envy those who are in the car with mirrors closed... Also, any type of "waiting" in such a weather makes you want to hit someone bad. May it be for the billing at a shop or for your order to arrive at a restaurant... you just want to get it done with and rush back in the assuagement of your AC rooms. Although I am away from this discomfort, but still I truly pity all those ladies and girls (and a few men) who have to work in the kitchen in this weather. I salute them for their perseverance and determination.

Although its the season of ice creams, cold drinks, and all other calorie filled food... but who cares! I would give away anything to get this time period done away with! I somehow pass my days in the eager  wait for the moment when the sun will hide behind the clouds on one lucky day and the first few drops of bliss will fall over me... maybe my blog post that day would be much more optimistic and romantic... :) ;)


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