We don't need no Education...!

So, its the result time and every morning when I wake up, the newspapers are filled with the amazing success and heart touching stories of hard working students, facebook is filled with "Yippee" status messages with students expressing their ecstasy and with hundreds of comments on them wishing them a heartfelt congratulations. Its all good and it feels very nice to see students scoring so well and succeeding in whatever field they chose. I have been in contact with lots of youngsters and teenagers of every age and every field, and I have realized that a good change has come - every student dares to dream big now. The times have changed and students are actually daring to think beyond the conventional science, commerce and medical fields.
However, many might not agree or even hate me for what I am writing now. Our education system is degrading at a scary speed! With all the results recently, I noted that upto 40-45 students are scoring above 90% in 12th board exams in every school. Besides, almost every second 10th class student I saw, had a CGPA of a perfect 10. I can get into the ugly debate of introduction of the grading system in boards, but then that will go on for long. The standards of education is on a decline and by making it easier day by day, we are just introducing students to a secure and safe environment which is absolutely not practical.
Not that seeing students succeed is bad, but there needs to be some competition. Students need to learn a basic fact - that they should work hard to achieve what they deserve. It should not be given to them like a  'prasad'. Although good steps have been taken like opening up of new IITs, IIMs and other premium government institutes which will help impart better education among larger number of students, but even there the course structure and educational approach needs a complete overhauling. Let us be real, we are far away from practical teaching, and on the contrary we are moving towards an education system which promotes mugging up day and night.
We are not the government and nor do we have the authority to change anything, but students need to understand that they should mentally keep a practical approach towards studies and try to innovate things and be creative. Every field needs creativity, else we will never have Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates in India. Let us take things in our own hands and let us be our own teacher first... :)


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