Love, Thy Name is Spoiled

How important it is to be best friends with someone you love? It must be a blessing to experience those weird, amazing and regretful moments in life of being in love with a best friend, where you think “OMG! What an ass I am?” and yet, “Oh dear, mom would be so happy to meet her someday!”
Those moments when she must have left 10 urgent messages on your cell phone and when you called back, she spent two hours painstakingly dissecting those few hurting sentences her boyfriend said to her over their date. And even though you knew her boyfriend was a bloody lunkhead and jerk, you assured her that it was all okay and they were meant for each other. How tough could it be to say these words to a girl you love with all your heart, to the girl you feel is everything to you?

Those moments when she was low with her health, or down because of a fight with her room-mate and you were supposed to be there cheering her up and saying stupid, illogical things to make her laugh. From those play stations to girl problems, sharing everything from top to bottom and still feeling that the conversation could have stretched for the whole night if it wasn't for her college next morning, although not acknowledging a kind of important fact, that you had given up a large chunk of your family/studying/work time for those hours of her ‘cheering up’.
Those moments when she had a boyfriend, who did not like you and yet she met you. Feeling of being obliged by her gesture of meeting you for a few hours without letting he boyfriend know, those secret meetings, those beautiful hangout places you never imagined could exist and  some stupid places which would not have been any fun had she not been there by your side. And when she would unknowingly or unintentionally, put her hand around your shoulder or her hair would touch your face in the auto-rickshaw, she would continue with her talks and you would be lost in the thoughts of spending the rest of the life like that.
Those moments when she would take you to a shady cafe, and though there is nothing “serious” between you two, she flirts with you naughtily and shamelessly which somehow you happen to love beyond levels. You don’t like the beer there, you hate the music, the food ordered is now cold because of the complete ignorance by its buyers, but still you love the whole setting, because she makes it complete. And you punch your fist in the air in your heart and feel “Oh god, I am on top of the world, she has come out with ME!”

Those moments when she is rude and you take it in a stride, when she lets out her anger of others on you and you accept it with a smile, when she abuses you or lets you down, when she makes you feel neglected in a group of few people, when she doesn't acknowledge you in front of her other friends, when she doesn't want people to know about being superbly close to you, when she chooses not to talk to you just because “she doesn't feel like”, when she wants an answer to everything and never consider her duty to answer to your questions ever, when she replies with a “Not possible right now”, to your “Can we talk? I really need to...”, although she doesn't realize that it was because you felt lonely, and then you cried all night long. Yet, you love her...

Those moments when you were sitting on a comfortable couch with her and she was telling a long boring story about some classmate of hers and then you realize that you two were very close. You have your hand around her shoulder and she is resting her head on your arm, you move back her hair and smell them with amazement and caution of not being intoxicated.  She suddenly realises the same and looks up at you... your eyes meet, you can feel her hot, nervous breath on your neck... her heartbeat is almost pounding and then... you touch her lips with yours. It’s a comfortable 5 second long kiss, and you feel you have touched a soul. A moment which made you feel that you have lived a few lives already. A moment you know you will cherish all life long... yet, there is nothing “serious” between you two...

You love her and she loves you back. You have expressed it and so she has. You have been best friends without the care of the world around since ages. But nothing can happen at the moment considering the shackles and obstacles of life. You both are mature, you both are individuals and yet, you know that someday, some time in future, you will be together...


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