Why We Need 'Kalki'?

Beni Prasad, a Central Minister, goes on record to say that Rs. 71 Lakhs is a very small amount for a scam and absolutely, I do agree with him. In a country with more than half of the population merely surviving below the poverty line, 71 lakhs is indeed a very small amount. And this is just a minuscule example of what our leaders actually are. Whom have we elected through our 'valuable' votes? This is just a mere initiation to my article because this was what woke me up this morning in the newspapers. 

However, I would like to talk a little mythological here. So, welcome to the 'Kaliyug'  - The age of 'Kali': The wrong-doers, the evil, the crooks, the violators and the devils. Maybe its about belief, or a particular school of thought, but to me, it’s about the deeper meaning, the underlying warning and the symbolic message hidden in all our Vedic texts and epics. Let’s have a deeper look –
 Lord Vishu is supposed to be incarnating for the tenth and the final time in Kaliyug as the Ultimate Saviour - Kalki. Supposedly, Kalki is going to arrive on a white horse with a shining sword and is going to slay all the wrong doers and barbarians to death. (If a ray of hope has begun to rise in your hearts, let me make it clear that Kaliyug is said to exist for 432000 years and we have merely survived some 5000 odd years so far... so, still 427000 years to go!) 

The Vishnu Purana says that Kalki will arrive when "practices taught in the Vedas and institutes of law have nearly ceased", there will arrive the final incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Practically, the institutes of law have ceased completely long back. With scams of Rs. 1000 crores now becoming an everyday affair and with the common man being oppressed and mauled at the very peak, I hardly see any justice finding its way in this dark grotto of crime and power.

As per the Agni Purana, when “when the evil men who pose as kings begin to feed on human beings and try to destroy the righteous”, at that moment will arrive Lord Kalki to destroy the evil men. Déjà vu, indeed? We have had enough “evil men posing as kings” who have been continuously looting the people off their money and plundering our resources for their own benefit. In fact, the Kaliyug has probably reached its peak with eminent politicians ransacking the handicapped and poor for their personal pleasures and satisfaction. Feeding on human beings, are they?

Finally, I quote the most apt of all in the current times, the Bhagavata Purana, which goes on to say, “when there exist no topics on the subject of God, even at the residences of so-called saints and respectable gentlemen, and when the power of government is transferred to the hands of ministers elected from the evil men, and when nothing is known of the techniques of sacrifice, even by word, at that time the Lord will appear as the supreme chastiser.”
Nothing can be more indicative towards the current state of things. The so-called God-men, in the disguise of yogis, spiritual leaders, the “protectors” of religion, have been found to be involved in some of the most hideous crimes and scandals of all times. The name of God has been used to conduct all types of blackmailed loots and pillages on the common people. The morning starts with a few dreadful cases of rapes and molestations across the nation, with most of the cases going unnoticed or unregistered. With no respect for women, crime at its peak, greed at its maximum, lack of strict laws and more so, the law-abiders, we have definitely transferred the power of government in hands of ministers elected from evil men, who play with the emotions of people in the name of religion, caste, creed, gender etc. and will continue doing so for many years to come.

Somewhere, everything definitely fits and no one can rule out the significance of these texts and epics written thousands of years back. These might just be prophecies but living through these times, they do hold a lot of truth, undoubtedly. We are living in the worst times of all, am sure. Or no, maybe worse times are yet to come. Corrupt politicians, greed for power, lust for money and the intoxication of being at the very top has led to the downfall of our righteousness.
Previously, I had always found out ways and solutions for ourselves – vote the right person, raise a voice, speak your heart out etc. But not, looking at the circumstances, I definitely feel, nothing but divine intervention can protect us from further degradation now. May Lord Kalki arrive on the face of the Earth soon!

MEANWHILE, FROM HERE, I WOULD REQUEST MY READERS TO RE-DIRECT TO THIS LINK - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_scandals_in_India#2000s

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