The Art of 'Writing'

Writing for me, is not just putting down my thoughts on a piece of paper. I would rather call it my form of escape. I write when I want to shut the whole world out from my mind and immerse myself into myself. Its a trip for me that I take every time I sit down to write. I can travel the whole world and beyond in a few minutes when I delve deeper into the layers of my heart.

I started writing at a very early age. My vocabulary wasn't very vast back then, my sentences were weird and I wrote horrendous. But becoming a better writer was like a passion to me. I kept working on it and kept writing more. Many things have worked for me and many did not work in a very good way.

I have tried to recall my experiences and I have compiled a few tips that could help other budding writers like me. I am no best-selling author, nor am I a certified authority, but I have learned from my past experiences and I would like to share whatever I have gained.

A. Expand your Resources - Keeping a dictionary and a thesaurus while writing is a very good idea. When you are stuck at a word, and you want to use any of its cool sounding substitutes, a thesaurus works the best. Not only does it develop your own vocabulary but also makes your piece of writing a treat to read. Also keeping a check on social media, television etc. helps you to get acquainted with all the "in" words of a particular time. You can throw in some of those words to make your writing easily understandable and accessible to all age groups.

B. Get Involved - Get involved with everything remotely related to writing - join clubs, forums, online groups, follow authors on twitter, "Like" publishers on Facebook, get in direct contact with other like minded people because they will always have their opinions, which will help you to gain a fresh perspective on something that you never knew. It is imperative that you surround yourself with people related to writing because networking is very important for writers.

C. Write, Write, Write... - Write down every single thought that occurs to you on a piece of paper, a tissue paper, or simply your notepad app on your mobile. Refine it later and see how you can do magic with a simple line. Explore other areas of writing and go into the technicalities. To be a good writer, writing more is far more important that reading. When you write, you make extra efforts to improve your work and that is how you learn!

If you have reached till this point of this article, then for sure, you are interested in writing. You have that bug in you and you want to write more...
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Trust me, the world is waiting to hear from you.


abhi said...

I agree with you this is indeed the best way to increase your strength as a writer or even as a thinker.
Words are nothing but tools to your expressions,your feelings and your views and once you reach the pinnacle of the tool your words create a masterpiece.

Pawas Jain said...

Absolutely True @Abhi... :) Thanks..

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