Counter Strike-Global Offensive: Will it take the legacy forward?

It might be a little late to be reviewing something as epic as a new version of Counter Strike, but some things never get stale and we always love talking about them. Counter Strike to our generation is not just a game; it is a fierce neck and neck battle, it is a legacy. Global Offensive came like a storm for all CS veterans. For all the CS lovers, Global offensive would be like revisiting their old school canteen or probably meeting an old friend after ages. You will notice some miniscule and some major changes but the basic instinct, the character, the style remains intact.

With few new game modes, new maps and modified old maps introduced for the first time in 15 years, CS GO is going to keep a crazy player like me on his toes. The teams are small, guns are lethal and rounds are shorter but the power and adrenaline rush is much higher and takes the game-play to new heights of awesomeness. Arms race, which is a new death-match based mode, rewards a player with a new weapon on every kill and the player to get a kill with every weapon is the winner. This mode is very exciting and is a definite treat for every CS lover. It's the most frenzied and care-free mode in Global Offensive, with players throwing caution to the wind for the sake of climbing the kill ladder as quickly as possible. It's a disappointment that there are only two maps in Arms Race.

There are new escape routes to discover even in old classic maps (look for the underpass choke point in de_dust). Such minor changes are going to enthral and surprise the hardcore fans. The look and feel of the game is modernized with path-breaking graphics and amazing first person shooting experience. But even in today’s trend of genre evolution and fierce market advancements in technology, CS remains true to its original style, appeal and character........

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