Chennai Express - Music Review

The much awaited music of Chennai Express has been launched finally! The music album directed by Vishal-Shekhar with songs penned down by Amitabh Bhattacharya has got something for everyone. The music is excessively delightful at places but definitely lacks a spark at others.

Starting with the Title track, I must say there could not be a more befitting track for Chennai Express. Kudos to whoever thought of bringing back SP Balasubramaniam (SPB). The song starts with awesome groovy beats that will definitely make you tap your feet. SPB creates magic once again and his part gives you an awesome 90s music feel, and you cannot help but remember "Aaja shaam hone aai". The lyrics are funky, singing is undoubtedly amazing and this song will make it to the chart busters for sure. No one can guess SPB is 67 years of age and singing this song with the same young man's charm.

One two three four, is another dance track from the album. The song has already made it to the top songs list on major radio stations. The song has an underlying Dhol beat that gives it a great pitch and rhythm throughout. Vishal Dadlani is definitely impressive in this fast paced and catchy tune.

Titli, as a romantic respite in the album, is worth a listen for its classical base and great singing by chinmayi Sripaada and Gopi Sunder. But as the only romantic and soft track of the album, Vishal Shekhar could have done a lot better having created some amazing songs in the past.

Arijit Singh, after a series of super hits one after another, completely fails to impress in Kasmir mai, tu kanyakumari. The lyrics are attractive, but the music is totally a disappointment. Tera raasta chodu na is another disappointment from the album. This could have been made into a better blues genre and something much better was expected from a talented singer like Amitabh Bhattacharya who has made us fall in love in ektara, ek lau, Aazadiyan. The song only picks up from the first stanza, worth a listen still for Amitabh Bhattacharya and beautiful lyrics.

Ready steady Po is a very average dance track and it can definitely be given a miss.

Conclusion: The music of Chennai Express is again Rohit Shetty Shtyle - fast paced, funky, funny and groovy. The lyrics are not great but good. Vishal Shekhar have done a good job with the fast paced songs. The album could have been much versatile with a better romantic song than Titli. All in all, the music has a great mixture of South Indian-ness as well at right places, thereby suiting aptly with the theme of the movie.
Do not miss SPB's return in the title track (worth being played on the loop), One two three four and Title (for a romantic respite). that is pretty much all. The great artists and singers could have been better utilized up to their potential.

My rating: (on a scale of 5) - 2.8


Rahul said...

Chennai Express is probably Rohit Shetty's best movie. I hate to say this but- Deepika has acted better than Shah Rukh. Must watch masala-action comedy.

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