Satyagraha - Exclusive Music Review!

The music launch of Satyagraha was a star studded one. Salim-Sulaiman, who have given some of the most amazingly refreshing albums in recent years, teamed up with Prasoon Joshi, who is a school in himself for Satyagraha and together, they have churned out an album which is simply mind blowing.

The album opens with a very rocking version of Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram, with very deep inspirational lyrics. The backdrop of electric guitars and drums provide a complete rocking feel to the song with amazing classical touch at places by Shweta, making the song a great blend or rather a fusion. Kudos for this one to Salim-Sulaiman!

Aiyo ji is another amazing song with a great classical feel provided by the soulful singing of Shraddha Pandit. It is a must-listen song for all fusion lovers with enthralling lyrics and somehow it gave me the "Jiya Laage na" (Talaash) feel once again. Simply beautiful!

I was desperately waiting to hear something awesome again from Shafqat amanat Ali Khan and "Raske bhare tore nain" did just that. This song has an amazing romantic feel to it with perfect seconds from Arpita Chakraborty. Undoubtedly, the best song on the album!

The album continues with "Janta rocks" by Meet Bros. The song is a quick paced motivational song worthy of becoming a youth anthem for forthcoming protests and rallies. This song could have done better with the music, but nevertheless, is good enough keeping up with the feel of the movie and the concept.

"Hum bhole the" is a complete rock track by Raghu Ram, and is going to appeal to all Indian Ocean fans like me. A bit off-beat with the music and lyrics, and might take some time to get down your system. But if you pay attention to the lyrics, you will fall in love with this one! ;)

The two remixes of Raske Bhare tore nain" and "Aiyo ji" can be missed for sure. :P

Conclusion: The music of Satyagraha is refreshing. The classical touch in most of the songs is very amazing. The lyrics are freaking awesome (it is Prasoon Joshi, after all). Salim-Sulaiman have done a great job. The expectations from the movie are high as well, given the star cast and Prakash Jha. We seriously need good stuff from this camp after Aarakshan. Meanwhile, definitely listen to this album as some of the songs are definitely going on the loop.

My Verdict: (on a scale of 5) - 4.2


Prachi said...

Music is average but after watching this movie Can say it's a so so efforts by director Prakash Jha but in other side the act of Amitabh Bacchan and Ajay Devgan was awesome. This movie motivate us at some moments but at some major points this movie is not up to the mark. Well can say a good effort by Prakash Jha but he deserves for something outstanding...

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