Nasha - Get Addicted!

This music album urgently needed a review for one main reason that it might just go unnoticed by most of the people, because it is a Poonam Pandey movie. Yes, it is, but surprisingly the music astonished me! An album where people will expect sensuous, explicit and vulgar item songs, actually has very soothing and beautiful music to offer. The album composed by Sangeet-Siddharth duo (remember Murder 2) has some amazing songs in its bag.

The album starts with the title track 'Tera Nasha'. It is a very soft and soulful song, sung amazingly by Anirudh. The songs is high on romance and is a perfect love song. It leaves you wanting for more by the end. I would definitely say this song is worth being put on the loop.

A disclaimer now - The song 'Laila' is NOT an item song and NOT a cheap song which it might sound by the name. The song, sung in a very passionate and youthful voice by Monali Thakur is worth a listen and is definitely a peppy track for dance and has great head banging and foot tapping beats (let us forget the part that it might have Poonam Pandey in the video).

'Besharam' brings back Shaan once again, and this time with Ansuha Mani (Dhoka fame from Johnny gaddar). Shaan does not fail to impress and creates magic with his cute and romantic voice. Although, I would say he now lacks the "Jab se tere naina" charm, but the song is an instant catch for its appealing lyrics. A big Kudos to the lyrics writer here, and this song will appeal to the naughty and 'besharam' youngsters who will be able to connect with the lyrics.

'Goti song' is another song from the dark genre of 'Khoon choos le', or I would even say 'Sutta'. This song has explicit lyrics and catchy tune, but somehow it still picks up on you because of the humour and satire. It surely leaves a naughty smile on the listener's face.

'Laila unplugged' is sung by the music directors themselves and is definitely a better version that the original one. The album ends with 'Nasha - the addictive mix', which is just another remixed track without which the music albums now are not complete.

Conclusion: Forget the point that the movie stars Poonam Pandey. Listen to the tracks as this album has some great not-to-be-missed tracks. Tera Nasha and Besharam are worth being chart busters if this album gets noticed. Goti song is also definitely worth a listen for its youth appeal. But looking at the current music scenario, the album could have contained an peppy item song as it seems to be the need of the current music scene of India. But for once, do go through this album ASAP and choose what you like!

My Verdict: (on a scale of 5) - 3

(It might be a little erotic and inappropriate for the Indian sensibilities but I personally really liked the concept of the cover)


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